Bombardement Rotterdam

Bombardement Rotterdam

Bombardment Rotterdam: 14 May 1940

The date 14 May 1940 is inextricably linked to the history and identity of Rotterdam. On that tragic Tuesday the bombardment of Rotterdam took place. Within 15 minutes the centre was bombed and the consequences were disastrous. After about three days the fire brigade has the fires under control and the impact of the bombardment on Rotterdam becomes clear. Approximately 80,000 Rotterdammers become homeless, approximately 30,000 homes and buildings are destroyed and approximately 850 Rotterdammers die. 

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Attention to the Fire Boundary at idtours Rotterdam

Nowadays, the bombardment of Rotterdam is no longer directly visible in the city because of the reconstruction period. But the observant walker does see the Fire Boundary marked in the paving of Rotterdam with special tiles that turn red in the evening. This Fire Boundary shows where the fires came to with the bombardment of Rotterdam. During our tours we also pay attention to these special markings so you can see the difference between old and new Rotterdam.

Special historical tours at idtours Rotterdam

The bombardment of Rotterdam has such an impact on the city that even eighty years later the bombardment can still be felt in a physical and mental way. When you join one of our special War Guided Tours, you can experience how the bombardment of Rotterdam is so important. During the tours several themes will be discussed, such as the bombardment, the persecution of the Jews, the resistance, forced labour and the important post-war reconstruction period.

Rotterdam War Walking Tour

With the Rotterdam War Tour you will walk through the city centre and visit monumental places related to the Second World War. Many places you visit have a direct connection with the bombing of Rotterdam, like the famous monument The destroyed city of Ossip Zadkine. During this tour you will also hear stories about the persecution of the Jews and the forced labourers of Rotterdam.

You will go out with a local expert city guide and the tour takes 2 hours. Of course the tour can be adapted to your wishes. Do you want to end at a specific place? A coffee break? Prefer a 1 hour tour? It is all possible, so feel free to let us know.

Rotterdam War Bike Tour

During this Rotterdam War Bike Tour you will also cross the Erasmus Bridge and Willems Bridge. On the southern half of Rotterdam you will also find enough stories related to the bombing of Rotterdam. Find out where the Nazis had their headquarters during the fighting for Rotterdam and find out why the German commander fired a red flare just before the bombardment. 

This historic bike tour takes 2 hours and is led by a local private guide. This tour can also be tailor made. The start location, duration, possible break and the route can always be discussed flexibly.

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