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There is something special about the Central Station of Rotterdam. If you arrive by train in Rotterdam, you get excited to see Rotterdam the because the train station gives you a warm welcome. The Central Station is beautifully designed and won many awards because it’s a pleasant, open and transparent public transport terminal. The most striking part of the Rotterdam Central Station is the roof. The locals call this international gateway 'haaienbek' which means something like the mouth of a shark. This has everything to do with the odd shape of the roof which is pointing towards the city center.

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We are all knowledgeable local guides, but above all, we love our city. That’s why we have many local partnerships so you can experience the true identity of Rotterdam. Don’t be afraid to become a real ‘Rotterdammer’!

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Hans Koole : founder & tour guide

Hans started RotterdamIDtours in 2017 with one tour on a Saturday morning. Soon this became a success and now RotterdamIDtours is a flourishing tour operator.

I'm specialized in telling juicy and strange historical stories about Rotterdam. Besides that, I'm also a local foodie. My city has many incredible spots to eat and during my tours I will give you advice about where you find the most delicious places.

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