Best places for lunch in Rotterdam

Where in Rotterdam are the most pleasant and authentic places to enjoy fresh bread, a salad, or a warm lunch? To make your foodie quest a lot easier, we will take you to the best places for lunch in Rotterdam. Discover the nicest spots where you can relax and enjoy a tasty lunch. These are our 7 recommendations.

1. Altijd in de buurt

The restaurant Altijd in de buurt is located in the city center, but many people new to Rotterdam will soon overlook this nice local restaurant. That’s because Altijd in de Buurt is located in the Groothandelsgebouw (Wholesale building) next to Rotterdam Central Station. But most people who come by train will walk straight to the city center and don’t turn a little to the right where you’ll find Altijd in de Buurt. And that’s a shame. Many Rotterdammers know that you have to be here for the best finger food. Especially the chicken and waffles are very good. The pancakes with disco dip are also very tasty and if you are looking for something healthy, you can always opt for a poké bowl or an Asian steamed bao sandwich.

2. La Cazuela

When you dine at La Cazuela you immediately get a summer feeling because of the authentic Spanish dishes. Choose a bocadillo with serrano ham or an Iberico steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables. Of course, the patatas bravas should not be missing either and there are several finger food dishes that you can share with your friends and family. La Cazuela is a real hidden gem where you can find the locals who have appreciated this restaurant for years. That is why La Cazuela is one of the best places for lunch in Rotterdam if you prefer a Mediterranean lunch. La Cazuela is located in the Proveniersstraat behind Rotterdam Central Station and is a 5-minute walk from the train station.

3. Mooie Boules

Are you looking for one of the best places for lunch in Rotterdam where you can also do a bit of sport? At the indoor hall of Mooie Boules you can play jeu de boules (Pétanque)! This is the first jeu de boules hall in Rotterdam. Here you can relax and throw a ball and relax with a glass of wine or cocktail. But there is also plenty to eat. At Warung Indo you can get the most delicious Indonesian snacks, like satay, risoles or a dish with gado gado. The Fat Dog serves good hot dogs. There are even more food stalls in the hall where you can get all kinds of snacks and drinks. Mooie Boules is located in the Vijverhofstraat, just outside the center.

4. Dudok in het Park

This is one of the most beautiful locations to have lunch in Rotterdam. In the middle of the park near the Euromast, the Dudok chain (very famous for their apple pie) has a branch in a monumental building. Dudok in the Park (meaning Dudok in the Park) looks magical with the beautiful garden and water in the direct surroundings. It is therefore not surprising that many couples take their wedding pictures here. Because of all that beauty, you would almost forget that you can also eat good food here. As we are used to from Dudok, the menu offers a lot of choices. You can choose from various cold dishes, hot dishes, soups, and salads.

5. Euromast

Would you like to have lunch in Rotterdam with a fantastic view? Then you can not ignore the Euromast. The observation tower is one of the biggest attractions of Rotterdam, but many visit the Euromast only to experience the view. This while you can also have lunch here with a panoramic view that is unparalleled. Enjoy a steamed mackerel sandwich, a meatloaf sandwich or pumpkin soup! Please note that you also have to pay for the entrance fee, even if you only want something to eat or drink in the restaurant. The regular entrance fee is €10.25 per person. The location of the Euromast is in Het Park.

6. Guliano

For many years, Guliano has been the place to be among Rotterdammers for a delicious sandwich. Guliano started in the city center and has since expanded with a second branch near the Erasmus Bridge. Guliano offers delicious Italian comfort food inspired by the Italian food scene from New York. Especially the bistecca sandwiches and sandwiches with pastrami are the classics. Reservations are almost necessary to get a spot at Guliano. Sometimes the queues are all the way to the street. Don’t forget to come with an empty stomach! You have to hold and eat the richly filled sandwiches well with both hands!

7. Aloha

Once the Dutch went to swimming pool Tropicana for a swim. This was the first subtropical swimming paradise in the Netherlands with all kinds of slides. Nowadays that swimming paradise has been gone for years, but fortunately, the swimming pool is not lost. Part of the former water park is used by the restaurant Aloha. At Aloha you can sit inside the former swimming pool complex, but you can also relax on their lovely outdoor terrace overlooking the water and the bridges. At Aloha, sustainability and the circular economy are central and this is also reflected on the menu. The dishes are seasonal and many of the ingredients come from local growers who produce sustainably.

Wherever you go for lunch, with our recommendations for lunch in Rotterdam it can’t go wrong! If you would like to combine lunch with a bicycle tour, then book our Multiculti Food Bike Tour. With this tour, you will visit the nicest Rotterdam entrepreneurs and get a taste of the multicultural society. We wish you a lot of culinary satisfaction in Rotterdam!

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