Best coffee bar in Rotterdam

It’s quite essential to know where the best coffee bar in Rotterdam is for your city trip to Rotterdam. Enjoy a lovely espresso, dream away with a creamy cappuccino, or sipping a freshly roasted coffee with a delicious layer of foam. Luckily you don’t have to worry in Rotterdam, because there are plenty of places where you can go for your shot of caffeine. These are our 7 recommendations for the best coffee bar in Rotterdam.

1. Sherlock’s Place

Tasty coffee, beautiful location, and friendly local entrepreneurs: Sherlock’s Place has all the ingredients for the best coffee bar in Rotterdam. The owners Anouk and Eus passionately run their coffee bar next to the St. Laurens Church. That’s the big church with the blunt tower in the center and close to the Market Hall. Many coffee bars nowadays have a cool trendy interior. Sherlock’s Place is something else. Here you drink coffee in a homely setting and everything exudes comfort. And the coffee is excellent. Just like the cappuccino, tea, chocolate milk, and homemade refreshing ice tea. Don’t forget to have one of those delicious cakes too. Our favorite is the creamy carrot cake.

2. Heilige Boontjes

This coffee bar in Rotterdam is so much more than just a place for good coffee. At Heilige Boontjes, young people with a distance to the labor market are allowed to reintegrate into society. Here, they can get on the right track by fully cooperating in a business process and making a great product like good coffee. The goal is not only to serve good coffee but also to help the young people to participate in the work process and to let them grow. Heilige Boontjes sits in a former police station in the center opposite the famous statue of Gnome Buttplug.

3. Booon

If you like Italian coffee and the relaxed atmosphere, a visit to Booon should be on your wish list. You can enjoy Italian coffee in a nice and bright place. But not only the coffee is recommended at this coffee bar in Rotterdam. Booon is also known for its delicious sandwiches. Also if you like sweets you’ll be in the right place, because at Booon they always have tasty cakes or other sweets. You can find Booon behind Rotterdam CS in the Proveniersstraat. This is not in the busy city center, so the nice thing about Booon is that you also meet a lot of local Rotterdammers who come here for their coffee and cakes.

4. Anne & Max

Anne & Max has a central spot in Rotterdam. In the center of Rotterdam, close to all the shops of the Koopgoot and the Hoogstraat, you can visit Anne & Max for a cup of coffee. The interior of Anne & Max is welcoming and they successfully create a cozy living room atmosphere to unwind after shopping. Anne & Max is not an authentic coffee bar in Rotterdam with many establishments throughout the Netherlands, but the creamy coffee made from Arabica beans tastes no less! And to describe Anne & Max as a coffee bar, that’s not enough. You can have breakfast and lunch here, but you can also enjoy a cake or scone.

5. Man met Bril

The coffee of Man met Bril (Man with Glasses) is a household name in Rotterdam. Because many shops serve the coffee of Man met Bril, you would almost forget that Man met Bril also has its own location in Rotterdam. This coffee bar in Rotterdam is located in the Vijverhofstraat. This is located in the Agniese neighborhood and is one of the emerging neighborhoods in Rotterdam behind Rotterdam CS. In this neighborhood, not everything has been smoothed out yet. Here you will find the combination of Rotterdam’s rawness and trendy tents. Man met Bril is one of those fun hip things that has conquered many Rotterdam hearts through good coffee and smart marketing. You can go to Man met Bril for quality coffee made from beans, especially from Central and South America.

6. Hopper

Hopper is another fine coffee bar in Rotterdam where you can enjoy excellent self roasted coffees. The great thing about Hopper is that everyone feels at home here. You’ll meet students, entrepreneurs, families and older Rotterdammers. That’s not surprising, because they serve good coffee. They’ve also been able to pick up the prize for the best coffee bar in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, the concept has been so successful in Rotterdam that Hopper has expanded with a second branch. Hopper is located near the Witte de Withstraat on the Schiedamse Vest and in Oude Noorden on the hip Zwaanshals.

7. Lebkov

Sometimes coffee should be tasty, but also easy and comfortable to take with you. You can find that combination at Lebkov. This coffee bar in Rotterdam is also located at a very practical location: next to Rotterdam Central Station. So if you just got off the train, or you need to take the train, you can quickly swing by Lebkov. Are you going for a small, medium or large coffee? That’s all possible at Lebkov. If you have a little more time, you can also stay inside at Lebkov’s. There is a cosy urban vibe of train passengers and students with open laptops sipping their coffee.

These were our 7 recommendations for a good coffee bar in Rotterdam. If you are planning to book a Rotterdam Highlights Walking Tour with us, know that we can always take a break to have a coffee somewhere in between. In any case, we wish you a nice day in Rotterdam with lots of coffee!

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