6 Places With The Best Views of Rotterdam

Rotterdam has so many amazing highlights, but where do you have the best views of Rotterdam and all its sights? As local tour guides we visit the most beautiful spots in Rotterdam and we like to share with you the most beautiful viewpoints. The six places we discuss are publicly accessible and easy to reach on foot, by bike, by car or by public transport. Ready to enjoy the fantastic views over Rotterdam? Here we go!

1. nhow Hotel

You wouldn’t expect a hotel to offer a beautiful view of the city and to be open to the public. That is the case at nhow Hotel Rotterdam. This hotel has a bar on the seventh floor where you can also eat. But even more important: from the balcony on the seventh floor you have a fantastic view of the Erasmus Bridge! 

On a lovely warm day you can enjoy a cocktail on the balcony and relax and enjoy the iconic bridge. The nhow Hotel offers you one of the best views of Rotterdam and the Erasmus bridge. The hotel is located at the Kop van Zuid in the building De Rotterdam. If you want to go to the nhow Hotel by public transport, the best way to get there is by tram or metro that both stop at the Wilheminapier.

2. Laurenskerk

The nhow Hotel contrasts sharply with the Laurenskerk. It is a super modern building versus classic medieval church. But they have one common characteristic: from both the nhow Hotel and the Laurenskerk you have a breathtaking view  Rotterdam. From the Laurenskerk you can see more. The church is located in the middle of the city centre near the Market Hall, so you have a good view over the area towards the Market Hall and the City Hall. 

Keep in mind that you will have to make some effort to get on the roof of the Laurenskerk. In this medieval church you don’t have an elevator, so you’ll have to walk the old-fashioned stairs. Don’t think you’ll be there within 5 minutes, because you have to defy at least 300 steps. The Laurenskerk gives you one of the most complete views of Rotterdam. Normally you can climb the tower from March to October on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This costs €6 per person. Because of Corona in 2020 you will only be able to climb the church in July and August. 

3. Westerkade

When you think of viewpoints, you quickly think that this must be at a certain height. It doesn’t have to be. Take the Westerkade in Rotterdam. The Westerkade is opposite Hotel New York on the other side of the water. This is the old shipping quarter. 

Here on the Westerkade you have a sensational view on the skyline of Rotterdam. Here you have one of the best views of Rotterdam without any elevation. You can see the Erasmus Bridge, the cruise ships, De Rotterdam and Hotel New York. Especially with sunrise and sunset you can take beautiful pictures here. And also pay attention to the passing Watertaxi’s that you see skimming over the water. Always a nice exercise to get them on the photo.

4. Restaurant On the roof

The Schieblock is located near the Coolsingel and it is a collection building where various creative entrepreneurs fill the offices. The restaurant Op het dak (‘On the roof’) is literally on the roof of the Schieblock. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or just a drink. Here you have a good view of the buildings in the immediate surroundings, such as the city hall of Rotterdam. 

You miss the panoramic feeling of the Laurenskerk, but that’s made up for by the roof itself. On the roof you’re standing on a green roof where fruit and vegetables are grown. How wonderful is that? You can stand here in a super green garden while looking at a skyline of concrete and glass. The roof gives you one of the best surrealistic views of Rotterdam.

5. Steamship (SS) Rotterdam

The steamship (ss) Rotterdam is permanently moored at the quay in the trendy Katendrecht district. The former flagship from 1959 of the Holland America Line has been used as a hotel, event location and restaurant for more than ten years. But even if you don’t immediately plan to spend the night on the boat, or make use of the restaurant, you can visit the ss Rotterdam without any further expenses. 

Once you are inside, follow the signs to get to the rear deck. Here on the rear deck you can see the many sights of Rotterdam from the water. Opposite the is the Euromast, on your left side you see the Rotterdam harbour and on your right side you see the Erasmus Bridge. From the ss Rotterdam you can enjoy one of the best views of Rotterdam with a royal touch.

6. Euromast

And finally the Euromast should not be missing from our list of best views of Rotterdam. This giant, built in 1960, is obviously the ultimate classic of Rotterdam and the Netherlands! The watchtower measures 185 meters and gives you the ultimate 360 degree view. 

With the Euroscoop you go to the top of the Euromast and on clear days you can even see the Belgian city of Antwerp. You can also easily spend half a day in the Euromast. Besides the phenomenal view you can also eat and drink in the Euromast. The Euromast is open every day of the year and adults pay €10.25 per person as an entrance fee.

So, these are our six recommendations for enjoying the best views of Rotterdam. If you are curious about the highlights of Rotterdam and you want to discover more beautiful places, we recommend our Highlights Bike Tour or Highlights Walking Tour. With this tour you can see all the important sights with a private guide. We wish you a lot of fun in Rotterdam!

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